The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-08-15 20:37:03 (UTC)

Strep Throat?

Dear Diary

Well, I report to again that...AGAIN...I am sick. Yes. I
know. Stupid ass germs! Anyways, I was throwing up
yesterday and all day my throat hurt...then this morning I
wake up and my throat still hurts. Well, took a look at it
and she said it's nice and blistered. Woohoo! Not! Dammit.
I hate strep. It hurts so bad! Seriously. It hurts to talk,
to swallow, almost to even breathe. I knew I had a fever
last night. I told her but, dad and his stupid ass self
didn't believe me. I don't get it.

Anyways, I woke up and was still sick yet, I over them
talking about how "convenient" it was for me to get sick.
Oh yes! I just planned it all along! I JUST LOVE BEING
SICK! Not! Dumbasses!

Well, I'm blonde now. I went and had my hair done nad now
I"m blonde. It looks pretty good. I hope Joey likes it when
he sees it.

Speaking of him..his phone's fucked up! Appearently
Cingular is having troubles with thier towers so...yeah now
I can't get through. I reached him once by LUCK! God was
with me I guess and didn't want me to worry about him.
Thank you God! I"m gonna try him again here in a few

Well, I"m outtie. I'm tired and really don't feel like
typing. TTYL


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