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2005-08-15 19:16:21 (UTC)

Things are fine again

A couple of days ago, i thought for sure i was gonna lose
Sean. All i could think was, OMG this is it. It's
happening. The moment i've dreaded since the day i met
him. I practically cried myself to sleep that night. Wait,
sleep? If waking up every 5 minutes because you have so
much on your mind is sleep, then thats just messed up. All
i could think about was me being such an idiot and
thinking how could i not realize that if i keep this
shitty crap up, i just might lose him. I was so scared. I
don't think i had ever been so scared. So the next day was
pure hell. I figured i would just let him call me if he
wanted to, and if he didn' get the picture.
Waiting all that time not knowing if he even liked me
anymore, wishing that i'd get even a small little text
message from him, was pure hell. I didn't know what to
think. I wasn't about to call him myself and make a total
idiot of myself if he didn't wanna talk to me, so i didn't
call him. He ended up calling me afterall. Wow, just
seeing his name pop up on my phone when he called just
gave me butterflies in my stomach. He had asked me to go
to R-way with him even though the previous night was a
nightmare, but he wasn't too mad about it. So i
immediately went to his house (after i picked up some
coffee, lol) and picked him up to go to the skating rink.
As soon as he got in my car, he gave me the sweetest, most
amazing kiss ever. It was such a relief to get such an
amazing kiss from him, i cried. Yes, i literally cried.
When i looked at him in his eyes, he was like, omg whats
wrong? I told him i honestly thought he was going to break
up with me. To my surprise, he seemed shocked about the
idea. Like, how could i even think about doing that, kinda
thing. So knowing that everything was pretty much back to
normal, we had a pretty nice night back at the skating