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2005-08-15 03:52:01 (UTC)

Chaos in omerta... and squashed by prac tests....

as usual, war goes on in omerta... in the month since we
restarted, many strong families rise and fall, first
veneratio, then us sanguinea.

i managed to rank until chief, was happily married to
baro, and shot the consig of cobras before i died, hunted
down by the devils of cobras... but like i'd said, i died
proudly, with honour and respect for sanguinea, my beloved

most of my friends in sanguinea went down too, because we
were all overwhelmed by the ccc( cobras, calabrain,
catania) allliance as well as elegante, pro, and some
other traitors and sneaks who wants us down so that they
can get more objects and spots...

all i can say is this:
the cccs alliance that we initially made is the worst
mistake ever had. not only did ccc backstabbed us, they
took us down with many other families. 6 families vs
sanguinea... real heros they are huh? never EVER trust

like i said... most of us from sanguinea died, especially
the higher ranks like me. but we came back in different
names, ranking swiftly, hidden in other families, spying
on the enemies' secrets, waiting for a chance to strike
back... and trust me, we WILL be back, and that time will
be the downfall of ccc and their alliances...

anyway, enough of omerta :)
school goes on as usual, but with the coming of the
practical tests and numerous projects assigned to us i've
been busy like i've never been before, and i of course i'm
still ranking in omerta. and what does that means? simply
that i'm getting no more than 5 hrs of sleep everyday :)

but nope i'm not complaining because i'm willing to give
up sleep for something that i'm passionate in. just that
i'm tired and busy ^^

need grab food.

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