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2005-08-14 17:38:19 (UTC)

Its my life dont u 4get!


iv nevr wanted a week jus 2 end so much in ma life! a duno
jus evryday it seemed sum1 tells me another piece of bad it scares me 2 think that my nightmare mite not
b over bcos theres the potential 4 things 2 get a hell of
a lot worse!

tuesday exams results:
A-art (well chuft)
B-psychology (well chuft)
C-modern studies (bit surprised)
C- adv Eng (well chuft)
but it werent good enouf! lol strathclyde still turned me
down! an Aberdeen still havnt made their minds up so im
kinda living on the end of ma nevres the now woryyin abt
where the hell im goin!- i tried 2 stay positive but er...
fings jus got worse!

wednesday- gun split up wiv me! cos hes 'seein sum1
else'lol totally out the blue so that made me feel even
more down! altho there woz more scandal 2 come that i wld
find out l8r but ill get 2 that!

then thurs foned aberdeen uni an they sed they STILL havnt
made their minds up an iv 2 wait till tues! ma nerves r
shattered! lol

friday- well fri nite loads of scandal came out btwn me
lauren an another 3 other folk who im not wantin 2 mention
cos 'iv not 2 giv them ma shit' apparently- fuckers! so
that made me pissed off!

saturday nite- fort i wld hav a girlie nite out wiv ebz!
ooft fuck even that didnt work out!we were suppose 2 b
goin in2 glasgow but bcos of shit i decided i didnt wana
go an so we met lauren an eilidh in hamilton 4 the nite! i
woz stayin at ebz but then ebz fucked off away home an
left me! i woz like WTF ma car an all ma stuff woz up at
hurs an i woz stranded basically in hamilton! thank fuck
eilidh woz there an she sed i cld crash at hurs! then i
found out ebz had left me bcos of Aero- hur man! u dont do
that chic! friends b4 guys neways u dont jus leave sum1

then 2day- i fort nah man fings can only get bettr an then
i spk 2 gillian mackie (whos bk from america may i add) an
a duno she left 4 america at the start of june an its like
sum 1 else has come bak! i dont understand it? wots
hapened? shes fallen in love wiv nick an is gona move away
2 hawaii !!!!!! 4ever!!!!! where has ma wee gillian gone?
neways wen she told me hur plans a duno i jus started
cryin! mabbi its jus all this wks emotions bottled up
inside me but honestly i jus cried 4 aaaages! lol

then it made me fink how we'v only jus left skool an look
how ppl hav changed already! the summer has bn so good but
this week has come like a slap in the face! its weird 2 c
ppl maturing and settling down -gillz...rochelle having a
baby an how i woz finkin i woz bein grown up jus by
leaving the house! now it makes me feel like im only
moving next door (compared wiv moving country on ma own)
if im giving ma honest opinion i dont fink she shld go but
u only get 1 life an if its gona make hur happy then wot
can u do...

heres hoping nxt week's gona b a wee bitty bettr

*fingers crosssed*

*Its my life its now or never, i aint gona live 4 ever, i
jus wana live while im alive*

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