Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-08-13 23:06:26 (UTC)

Sexy summer fun

Dearest Master,

Last night was wonderful! W/we had a few problems earlier
in the day, which had to do with this slave's inattention to
Your needs. she did not specifically make any mistakes, she
just lacked focus. she has realized her error and will try
to improve in her service to You, Master.

After a long, hot day, this slave had some errands to run.
You surprised her by meeting her at the first location, and
then accompanied her on the remainder of her errands. When
W/we got home, You instructed this slave that she was to lie
down and rest and join You at midnight. this slave was
very, very tired, and You and she really wanted and needed
to be T/together last night. Because of her resting, this
slave was unable to write in her journal last night. she
missed that, and she knows that You did as well.

this slave got up around 11:00 PM and took a cool shower.
It is so hot, as it has been all summer, and this slave woke
up very, very sweaty. You took a shower as well, right
before her, so when W/we did come T/together W/we were
B/both feeling much better. this slave joined You, and
immediately You ordered her out of her clothing. she
quickly got naked, and got down on her knees to kneel before
You. You lifted her face, and assured her that she belongs
to You. she knows this is true, but when she hears Your
voice, reassuring her, the reality sinks in, and she
realizes that she is Your slave. she will be owned, used,
loved, and provided for, by You, for the rest of her life.
this slave is so honored by Your devotion to her.

You told this slave to give You her collar, and she reached
into Your desk drawer and picked up the black leather strip,
bearing the word "slave", and handed it to You. You placed
it around her neck, and she dropped her head to allow You to
snap it closed. Then, it was time for the real action to
begin. You are the Master, and You always take what You
want when You want it, but there are times when You leave
some things up to this slave's discretion. this slave knew
that You very badly wanted to use Your "cane" on her bottom,
and to whip her breasts, but You also care so deeply for
Your slave, that when punishment is not warrented, You
sometimes will give her the option to decline that sort of
play. this slave was definitely in the mood for a good
beating, and quickly answered yes when You asked whether or
not she wanted it.

At that point, You told her to rise and lie down on her back
on Your bed. this slave complied, spreading her legs wide,
so You could stand between them and rub Your penis and
testicles against the outer lips of her vagina. After
several minutes of pleasuring Yourself, You told this slave
to get up, turn around and assume the position. this slave
lay down on her tummy, with her legs spread wide and planted
firmly on the ground. You picked up the heavy dowel rod,
and began to rub it over this slave's bottom. Then, as
quickly as You pulled it away from her bottom, You brought
the "cane" down hard on this slave's cheeks. You paused
long enough to let the pain radiate through her buttocks,
and then rained down another blow. You continued in this
manner for about 6-7 strokes, and then put the rod down and
picked up the smaller, double rod. With this "cane" You
used quick, stinging strokes on this slave's bottom. The
sting is a little worse, but it is a more superficial pain.
The heavy rod also stimulates the glutial muscles, causing
a much deeper pain that this slave loves. After several
strokes with the double rod, You picked up the paddle and
gave another 7-8 blows to this slave's punished little
cheeks. they must be quite red by now, this slave remembers

When You finished with the paddle, You finally picked up
this slave's favorite little item of torture. The lovely
little rubber flogger. First, You stroked it over her
exposed vagina, giving it tiny little flicks. Then, without
warning, You brought it down hard over her buttocks. The
feelings in her bottom and in her mind were overwhelming.
this slave loved the feelings of being flogged and beaten,
but the pain was getting to be a bit much. You could tell,
and You stopped and had this slave get up and come into Your
arms. You kissed this slave for several minutes, letting
her gather her strength. Then, having her stand back, You
picked up the small double rod and gave her a couple of
strokes on each breast. The strokes were not hard, but they
were effectively painful.

You repeated this procedure a couple of times, and this
slave ended up with a nice rosy, stinging bottom, that she
defintely felt when she sat down to look at sexy pics with
You and to masturbate for You.

You allowed this slave to masturbate to a mind blowing
orgasm, and then You put her to bed on the floor. The heat
of the night caused You to desire the bed all to Yourself,
so this slave happily took up her residence on the floor,
and slept there peacefully all night long.

You did wake this slave up about 8 AM to service You, but
this slave's time is running out, and that will make for the
beginning of her next journal entry.

this slave loves You so much. she is off now to give
herself and cleansing enema so her bottom will be ready for
You tonight, should the evening turn toward anal sex!

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,