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2005-08-13 18:20:33 (UTC)


i haven't wrote here for bloody ages!

well, the holiday went fine. the heat was UNREAL, but i was
expecting it, so it wasn't that much of a shock. the
holiday was spoilt a little for me, because the bottom half
of my legs got badly sunburnt. that bad, they came out in
blisters, and i could barely move, so there were a few
nights/afternoons where i had to stay in. on the last
night, i thought fuck it. i had 21 shots (which i'm now
just gonna call "ShotGate")...beating my previous record of
13, and trust me, i wasn't in a good state. i was sick 3
times i think. the last time being back at the hotel. a
water fight was going on when this was happening between lg
n co & some lads upstairs...gutted i missed it! charlotte
was lovely, by the way! i hope to see her again soon...she
said she'd be coming out in whitby, but i haven't heard
anything of it yet. i wanna go to malia next year, although
we'll probably find somewhere different to go by then. i
didn't really appreciate the holiday, but now, looking
back, i can. an amazing week which i'll never forget.

i got fired from the bagdale hall. this senior boss gave me
& sara a bollocking for taking too slow with the cleaning,
and on my way out i yelled "that fat cunt"...he wasn't
supposed to hear...it came out louder than i intended it to
aswell. anyway, the next morning i went down & he was
like "what are you doing here early"...i just said "i just
though i'd come down early"...and he said "get out, you're
sacked. i heard what you called me...just go, because i'm
struggling to control my temper"...i just walked out & he
told me my wages would be ready on thursday, so i just
yelled "whatever"...i really needed that job, because i
really needed the money. i litereally won't have any money
at all for absolute ages...i've got to pay all my clothes
off, and pay nan/linda back...great.

aww, big brother's over. i'm missing it already. i'm glad
ant won out of him and eugene, but the true winner is
derek. makosi DIDN'T deserve the treatment she got from
davina AND the crowd last night. that was awful to watch.

i've told LG that i'm bi...well, i said "i'm somewhere
inbetween bi and straight", and then i launched into a
story about how a lad asked if i'd give him a blowjob. she
was so interested, bless her. we're gonna bring the
sexuality topic up on monday night, when we have a little
gathering at hers. she seems to think if i say what i've
told her, it'll prompt ben (and sare) to say something,
because we all know he's gay. monday night should be VERY,
VERY interesting.

going out tonight with laura, ben, sara and katie. it
should be OK. i don't know what to wear, though. going out
on wed night, because kat's back and she wants to go out
apparantely, so that should be interesting.

anyway, better dash. just thought i'd pop on & keep you
updated with everything.


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