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2005-08-13 08:29:46 (UTC)

Goodbye and thanks by all the fish

How do you do?
Now I am reading he Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
and reaching to fourth book the Thanks for all the fish
Well now I understand many things are on Internet culture.
Because in my country must books sold or approved for school are national author only I did not know those books.
I read Pollyana too and it is good even a simple two books story. I read that Catcher in the rye
On real life I did good things helped people that needed and sometimes people that really does not need that kind of help. Well I learnt that some people greet you only by you are you. And other people may want your leg if you give the arm and thank you just fighting you. Those are realy evil people. Then I resigned about them and do not mind more about.
It is funny when they hit the table and break their fingers. Then I just ask Can I help : )
Some people said not all people are good and when shows as whe take the measures. I discovered that some people are not good and when we meet some since first sight take the defensive measure. Ignore them and after their storm just ask what you need ; )
Out of office just ignore and spend time with good people or really need help people.
Bye and thanks for all the fish said the dolphins
Celio Ayorius from Brasil