Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2005-08-12 18:03:31 (UTC)

School? oh yeah... almost forgot

My girlfriend is going back to school again this
year... today was her second day there and everything. Shes
been really stressed out and worried like crazy. But I told
her everything was going to be ok and really it was. But
her ex boyfriend is going there and she thought he wasn't
going to be. I'm so already know how I feel
about it.
I live over eleven-hundren miles away from her
though... so there isn't much that I can do about it. I
just told her to be careful today and that I'll call her
like usual. Nothing much has been going on here. Just
really out of it lately lost in thought, and what to do. I
can't find anything I want to do in life... or with my life
you know. My girlfriend and I keep talking about marriage,
but I'm really not ready for that yet.
I have plenty of time for that later in life though,
its no big deal. We both want it, but I can tell we're both
not ready for that yet. Lately we recently had a flea
outbreak in the house and its driving nuts like you
wouldn't believe! But grandmother spent lots of money to
get rid of them so I'm really putting my hands together to
pray for that. We've been in a drought all summer... six
weeks with no rain... everything is drying up outside from
the intense heat everyday. Even now its over 95 in the
shade. well thats all thats been going on. I'll report
again sometime bye.

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