2005-08-12 14:20:58 (UTC)

What a mess.

So I had last night off and I have tonight off too. I woke
up a mess, not exactly sure what the hell was going on. I
am really worried about a whole lot of stuff; work, bills,
school,and my family and friends. I know that it is normal
to worry about things, I just feel a little overwhelmed
sometimes. I feel like if I forget one thing, it will
throw my whole life out of order. But on the other hand, I
just dont care. So I am not sure what the hell is wrong
with me sometimes. I gotta find something to take my mind
off of things. Depending on what is going on tonight, I
just might take a ME DAY. I am really thinking of going
hiking or some shit like that. I think it is going to
rain, but that maked it even better. Im not sure yet. I
really want to get together with some old friends, but Im
not sure how to get in touch with them anymore. I tried to
call Norman, but the fairey was not home yesterday. Oh
well, sorry dude. Maybe I will go visit my Gram, I think
she has today off. I need to get college class shit
together, but it seems like Im not going to make fall
classes, but maybe I can make it is January. Who knows.
Anyway, enough of that, IM OUT.