2005-08-12 08:01:51 (UTC)

What I do in life, What I do for temp work

Ever since I started taking a break from PFS, I've been
looking for some stable part time work. This excludes
working at commission based positions or walgreens. But
besides that all I have left, that is remotely encouraging
to come back to is the Mystery shoppinthing I signed up
for, which is taking me forever to start up.

I went with door to door art selling for a few weeks, also
comission but was kinda fun in the beginning, good people,
not very many of them though. I learned to have discipline
and how to work effectively within a given period of time.
How to pace and schedule myself to get done what I need to
get done and just work through the numbers.

Next I wanted to work somewhere like as a waitress or a
flight attendent. Figure that would be kinda neat. I get
to be nice to people both times. No responses yet.

School is about to start, I was considering going to
Olympia for Massage again, but no, I'm just not gonna get
6K in debt so that I can get a job, who knows where
paying who knows what. They encourage me to start my own
business, which granted is a good thing, but I'm just
looking to do something during school, while investing and
networking for pfs on the side.

Mystery shopping is still in the mix. I don't know what's
gonna happen with that. It's taking forever to just apply
and reapply at places and wait until they give me
assignments, I'll look more into it later today.

I came back to a pfs office, Stu's base yesterday, saw
just a few people, but greatly inspired. Arranged to play
tennis with one of them, though I'm more interested in the
other, but it's all good, cause I am really at the point
in my life where I want to meet a lot of fun, nice, new
people. This office just gave me the sense of this is the
only place where you can feel good. It just had the right
atmosphere. Everyone there, as usual, is just real. I
mean, it was a nice change, no one putting up a front.

Earlier I went for an interview at statefarm for basic
translating work. The office looked like crap, the one
worker outside of the boss and my friend looked like white
trash, and seemed, simple. The office looked like crap,
the only good looking person there was my friend. The guy
interviewing me looked disgusting, and was kinda slow. He
himself did not seem to thrilled about his work. The worst
thing of all was that he "enlightened" me on his view of
life insurance. He said that when it comes to the client,
"I don't care" whether they buy term, or whole life. Then
he started talking about how actually whole life is
better. Which first off is freaking bull, because every
wise investor, smart money magazine will tell you that
you're suppose to buy term and invest the diffrence. He
called it a short term policy. Well duh, cause you're
suppose to invest what other money you would put in a
whole life policy for their investments, except you would
have more money in your Mutual Fund account, or IRA as
opposed to ANY type of investment plan they have for you.
And as long as you don't take the money out before you're
59and a half in an IRa, depending on traditional or not,
that money may either be tax deferred, or tax Exempt.
That's when you don't need life insurance anymore, because
if anything happens, you got the funds for it, not some
comany that insured you for 75K, because that's all you
could afford, when in fact you needed 350K. Because if
you're married and your spouse died, that would be mental
hell, if you would have a mortgage and even just one kid.
You would end up selling the house within 5years, the kid
would have to get a job as soon as their 16 just to help
you make ends meet. But no... this guy doesn't care if
they buy term or whole life. He's just thinking about
himself when he's putting families at serious risk of
ruining their WHOLE financial life.

I can't work with someone like that. That's dispicable.

Oh, and at Olympia, the dude talking to me was really
scripted, one security guard was rude and mean. The other
was eerie, and the financial aid officer seemed a little
out of it too. They all had this vibe about them of they
know something we don't. And I'm not paying 11K for 9
months of school in this "booming" field.

So when I came to the PFS office, it was a breath of
fresh air. THis is what it's suppose to be. Granted there
is a lot of work, and crap that everyone in business goes
through, but this is the best place to do it in, they are
good people, the atmosphere is sublime, and the rewards
are unbelievable. I just need to get over myself and get
back into the business. Maybe do something on the
weekends. We'll see in Wright if I could get a photo gig.
THat would be perfect.