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2005-08-11 06:08:32 (UTC)

My silly Kayla.

FREAKING EXCITED FOR HER!!! It'll honestly be a gong show
if she works there too. Like fricken party man. Like wow.
I was so happy when she just told me she got phoned!
Wheew. And speaking of Zellers... on Nexopia Dustin Miller
found my profile and messaged me saying "ZELLERS ROCKS MY
SOCKS RIGHT OFF" and I was so creeped out because I had no
idea who it was at first. haha. Craziness that he found
me. And he messaged Chelsea (he knows her????) saying that
he was trained being cashier assistance at the same time
as me and that I was pretty cool. hehe.

So anyways. Today me, Kayla and Katie went to Londonderry
Mall. I woke up at 10:30 and everything in order to make
sure I was ready to go by noon and so I phoned Katie and
KAYLA WASN'T EVEN AWAKE YET! I was so suprised. Like wow.
So anyways I phoned Kayla at one and woke her up and she
was like "No. Katie said we were going tomorrow because
you work today." And I was like "" And she was
like "Yes you work!" And I was like "Definately not." haha
Unless Zellers phoned her and told her that I was working
or something and forgot to tell me! How crazy. So Kayla
got up and I walked over to Katies and we drove out to get
Kayla and then Katies dad took us to the mall. And we were
there for awhile. We shopped and I didn't find anything
really. I wanted 1 or 2 new pairs of jeans and some more
zip-up hoodies. And I wasn't successful in either of those
searches. And me and Katie had wanted to get one of the
really comfy bras she has and some underwear from La Senza
only well we were unsuccessful in that too. The three of
us ended up getting some really comfy underwear from
Winners and Kayla got a pair of jeans from Below The Belt.
Then Katies dad picked us up and we hung out at her house
for a bit and then I had to go home. And I ate supper then
my mom took me out to Birch Bay Ranch to visit Annette!!!!!

It was fun. I was there from a bit after 6 to 9:30. I saw
lots of other people I knew coucilling like Jaz and Dustin
Boonstra, and Annette Lemke, and Darren and Rachel and
Brittney and all of them. So that was great fun. haha and
Eric's still there and still hot. haha. But yeah me and
Annette had a good time. I helped her clean up in the
dining room and etc. and then we went back to her room
(she's not in a cabin. She shares a room with Deanna down
the staff hallway in the girls exciting I've
never been back there before.) which is a pigsty but well
what can you expect? haha. But it was really nice just
hanging out with her again. And she did manage to find an
Incredibles backpack. And after awhile we went down to
campfire which was of course fun again. Speaking of which
tonight I might read the book of Ruth from the Bible.
Perhaps. Corrine told a story from there and I wanna check
it out. And after campfire we were in her room for a bit
and hanging out. Then I had to go. And on the way back
from campfire silly Dustin ran up behind us and tickled me
and ARGH! I was so mad at him! I HATE being tickled with a
passion and he KNOWS that, yet still insists on annoying
the shit out of me! ARGGGGHHHHH!!!! Stupid boys. He made
me fall on the rock/dirt road too. And it hurt. Because of
the pokey rocks. Anyways. My mom came and got me at 9:30.

And now I'm here. Incase I haven't mentioned
this...actually I haven't. Because I never came on the
computer yesterday and so I never wrote. Well work was
good of course. Nothing special. Anyways yeah I can't go
camping. I didn't think I'd beable to anyways. Yet I'm
still disappointed. I've kinda gotten over it now but
everytime I think of BC and getting ice cream and laying
on a beach it makes me sad again. But that's ok. I
probably won't work too much anyways. And Kayla, Katie and
Annette will come over to keep me company. Yes I'm staying
home. haha maybe I'll starve to death like Alex might
have. He's home alone for a month or so and Jodi says he
usually doesn't eat and he even said it himself once that
eating was a big waste of time. So maybe he's dead or
something. I haven't seen him in awhile anyways. I'm kinda
hoping he's at youth tomorrow. Well I am hoping that.
Because to tell the truth I have been disappointed every
time he hasn't shown up. Anyways. Hmm...Oh I had one more
story from work. Well I was working with Jyoti and
Chantelle at the front entrace. And Tara was supervising.
And she told us about how once before Kathy was the main
cashier supervisor or whatever and when Tara was just a
normal cashier, she tried to take Christmas off because
her family was going to Winnipeg to visit other family
members. And the lady who was supervising at the time
wouldn't give it to her, so Tara had to stay home alone
for Christmas. All alone. That would suck so bad! I was
like "Did you cry? I totally would have! What a mean
lady!" And she was like "Yeah I did cry." And I was like
awwwwe that's so sad! And Tara said that Kathy said she'd
never do that to anybody and that I'd get Christmas off.
So that's exciting. Of course I don't know if I've got
Christmas off for sure, but I'm pretty sure I will. If not
I'll have to quit, which will be sad because I do enjoy
working there. Anyways I think that's enough rambling for
one night.

Oh one more thing. Last night I finished reading Harry
Potter and holy wow. I cried. Actually cried. Nearly
ISN'T GOING BACK. Like wow. It's all dead. All screwed up.
I was so sad. I dunno. I guess I was kinda expecting it to
happen because Dumbledore told Harry EVERYTHING so that's
pretty much a dead giveaway. But ergh. I don't see why it
had to happen. As you can tell I don't really like change
that much. And I dunno its hard to explain. I just didn't
like it. It was still an amazing book and of course I'll
read the next one I'm just so disappointed that J. K.
Rowling had to do that. And I'm disappointed that now
everything's different. AND HARRY FINALLY STARTED GOING
think that in the very end, when Voldemorts dead (well if
Harry's not dead too, or instead) then they'll go out
again. Maybe get married. Who knows. But I'm gonna stopd
now. haha goodnight.


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