Autum's Leaves
2005-08-11 04:24:17 (UTC)

Stop the Clock


I'm losing my mind I have no time, I can't even write
anymore, what the crap?

So, Vans Warped Tour, it was awesome. I almost died in
a mosh pit of rabid 16 year old girls at a Fall Out Boy
concert, but you know how that is. I was SO dissapointed
at FOB's preformance. The bigger guy had no breath
control, they didn't sing the songs the same and all the
crowd was made up of was a bunch of chicks that were
foaming at the mouth to see them. I was not a happy
camper. In fact, I was like a five year old who found out
Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny didn't exist all at the
same time.

I also got the worst sunburn of my life. Holy God. It's
wicked awful.

By the by, I've been partying like a motherfucker. Just
to tell you, much more that I normally do. But, I'm having

The guy situation as it stands, I have an Aussie that
wants to sleep with me from UNC, another guy who wants to
sleep with me from Greensboro (who I'm not crazy into),
and this motherfucker who I just met tonight whose made an
impression on me. He called me and we talked for awhile
and he's cool as shit, and he wants to take me out to
dinner, so I might let him. haha.

The serious news, since there's never a day without
rain, X2 left today. He imed me and I wasn't there, I was
taking a shower, and I imed him back, left him a messege
telling him that I'd miss him and I'd still been missing
him. I though about him all day at the concert....he's
just...always in the back of my mind sometimes. He made an
impact on me regardless. But he's gone, for
good. And I'm going to miss him, a lot.

"Suga suga, how'd you get so fly?
Suga suga, how'd you get so fly?"