beaytiful allure
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2005-08-11 03:34:45 (UTC)

over reacted

I over reacted earlier....i wish i could know how things
will work out between me and him but honestley i dono....i
cant tell the so afraid of being left and
blown off like i have been by so many guys.
He makes the best love to me that ive ever gotten tho...he
turns me on and like warships my body... i swear i came
ilke 4 times last night...the sex is wow omg gooood lol.
thats why im so swung already i sapose...well i mean i get
a feeling in the pit of my stomach everytime i think of
him or we're together.
He kisses me from head to toe and would eat the pussy all
night if he could but im the type to like strait up my pussy mmmm he gets me nice and wet and works
it light and slow for like hours...he dosnt come until i
have at least a few times and it dosnt take that long for
me...i came the hardest i ever had last night in my
life... i was on my belly and he was on my back (a really
good position) and the way he has me, my legs are together
and his dick is fully in he works it that way and kisses
my back and neck kisses my lips...mmmm...but last night i
had hes hands while we were ...i coulnt move or do
anything besides hold myself from screaming so we woulnt
wake anyone up for like a minute but seemed like
forever...its funny how time can stannd still when
somethings that good...usually its only when things are
bad lol. then he turned me over and like 5 minutes later i
came again even harder while he was sucking my brest
and all the while were fucking it feels like were the last
two people on earth and were like sucked into each
other...i forgett everything exist and forgett what even
what we look like lol hes shorter then me so i stand up
and kiss him goodbye or whatever and mmm anyway im off