beaytiful allure
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2005-08-10 23:15:43 (UTC)


I dono what the deal is.....I feel like im being blowen
off my sam so im swiching my phone off and going
incogneto...if he wants to really reach me he'll know
where how. What is it wit me??? man am i only good for sex
for a min then i get blown off. what the fuck was i so
swung over him anyways for, or why am i...cuz wuz is past
tence. Maybe im getting to involved too fast, but id
rather him tell me that then just blow me off. Maybe it is
a good thing maybe i shoulnt be with anyone, maybe im not
good enough to be with someone that isnt a loooser. fuck
it im not trusting anyone anymore...not with my heart and
giving my feelings too...what was i thinking anyways i
should screen these loosers before i uuugh jus fuck it im
screw it im reading too much into it besides if hes
blowing me off fuck it im a good person...aside from that
i shoulnt rush anyways. my phones staying on im not hiding
from the world jus cuz some guy but i sapose ill see if he
calls or not i mean i dono why hed blow me off with out
giving a reason while he was the one to suggest we be
together in the first place...uuuugh...
arite im done for now