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2005-08-10 08:23:06 (UTC)

Summer Holiday


Summer Holiday is going to an end. What did I do to make
this summer holiday fruitful and enjoyable? It seems not
much is done.

Someone told me to think about what is important in my
life. To be frank, everyone has their priority. My love
life always comes first. As long as nothing really bad
happens in other aspects of my life, my lover is the
person/thing that matters most for me. I don't want to put
my lover on top of the list, but I really can't help
thinking the one I love. It may not be healthy, but as i
said, everyone's got a list. My choice would be my lover.
My friends, my family and my job always come last.

Maybe it is really a good time to think about what i
really have to put an effort into now. Since it is totally
unreliable and totally impossible to solely 'depend' on
one person. Maybe i need to spend some more time with my
family and friends. They may need me. I may need to show
my concern. In the past, I spent so little time on my
family and friends. As long as they are alive and they
live happily, it is fine. I put everything in my heart,
but i never tell and show them i love them. Why do I
become someone like this? I don't mean that i totally
dislike the 'me' right now, but it is clear that there are
lots of rooms for improving myself. Kathy, you should try
to think positively and not to be so self-centred.

And then it comes to my teaching career. What do i want
myself to be like? A teacher who teaches English very very
well? Or someone who cares the feeling of my students? I
want to be a very good teacher who can not only teach
students subject matters but also help them to find their
goals in their lives. How can I be a teacher like that? I
don't know. Maybe I need to improve my English and also
ponder whether my teaching is good or not. I hope to do my
best. I don't want to waste my time.

Summer holiday is the best time for thinking over my life.