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2005-08-10 06:13:57 (UTC)

give me some time

i have stopped working at Provence for 3 days now. Tonight
I'll be going there with Joyce to return our uniform. one
last night as a legal citizen of Provence.

i feel sad. i'm still thinking about those two boys. i'n
still thinking of how much I am interested to know and learn
about Japanese culture. i miss being on time for work. i
miss taking 95 to work. i miss the hustle and bustle of that

i hate school. it has only been two days of school and i am
already feeling depressed. i don't have the motivation to
study. all i want to do know is to go to Provence and learn
more, talk more to the Japanese people there.

to think that i was considering to quit on the 3rd week of
July. i thank God for abandoning that thought. if not, i
would have never had the chance to meet those wonderful people.

i need some time. to grasp back my reality. NUS and not
provence. Singapore and not Japan. just give me some more
time. this feeling will surely dissipate. if i am able to
forget someone i have loved greatly for a long period of
time, then i will surely be able to get over this feeling.