Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2005-08-10 04:55:35 (UTC)

Poem - "Coming to Terms"

I solemnly stride through the cobblestone streets,
My heart set on making amends,
The midsummer heat and the haze face defeat
As the hour of the pearl descends.
The clouds of ill omen hung from on high
For thirty-six hours at least,
But just when it matters they all start to scatter
And my languid lethargy has ceased.
An impromptu repose unfolds to reveal
A secretly smoldering yearning,
I resume what was halted, unlock what was vaulted,
Uplifted in lyrical learning.
Though the first step is taken my nerves are still shaken
For the misspent months left me muddy,
I carefully grip my battered old pen
Like a pious apprentice at study.
In my hand it feels foreign, so sad and forlorn
For months of misuse and neglect,
I brush off the dust but a thick layer of rust
Now fouls what I failed to protect.
As I cut my new groove and the lines start to move
I find a familiar feeling,
A similar grace to the quaint resting place
Of the days that first set me reeling.
Like deja vu the memories come through
And for once they set me at ease,
Backlit lines of cigarette smoke
Drift past the streetlamps and trees.
In this unlikely place I emerge from disgrace
And witness the return of my muse,
Though I’ve only begun to rise from the rubble,
To falter I firmly refuse.
Nostalgia may cast a slight note of sadness
For the bittersweet memories burn,
Now separated from sweet inspiration
But finally coming to terms.
Repairing and patching my line of defense
For when decadent furies attack,
Reviving my thirst for a climb like the first
For I know I can never go back.

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