dare you to invade my privacy
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2005-08-10 03:11:16 (UTC)

three weeks and all i can think of was you

not being able to see or to talk to you for the last three
weeks...which is offically today.... im still not over you.
you were there in my dreams. my day dreams. my thoughts.
still in me in everyway possible. even hott guys who came
in front of me, did not impress me one bit. you popped into
my head.
what is it about you that i cant over? maybe one more week
ill be over it. it took me a month to get over ryan..maybe
hopefully it would be the same? i dunno with you its very
much different. you know how different. i know how
different. i wonder if you think about me at the least of
what i go through.

anyways Caribbean sucked ass. i wanted to go home by the
third day. i suffered two weeks with people i hardly know.
oregon was a lot better. my family is the best. i love them
so much. even on a day that seems having a good
time just chillin. i miss em already. a few days isnt
enough to just "spend time" i need like a month or a few.
now its all on my schooling and getting a job that pays
more than minimum wage.
well i better get going...they say saying busy can get a
person out of your head.