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2005-08-10 00:48:07 (UTC)

school sucks!!!

i thought i would be excited about school. i also thought
i would work really hard to pay attention and take notes
in geometry. i didn't pay attention at all. it is the
second day and i already dislike mr. barfield and his
teaching methods with a passion.

i feel really creative though. i want to get a job so that
i can download a whole bunch of music.

there are so many oppurtunities for me in the world. i
have no idea what i want to do though. i thought i did,
now im not so sure. i want to inform people, i want to
design things for people, i want to inspire people, i want
to show people the hidden talents that i have.
i really want to hold on to my dreams and make them a
reality. i know this is extremely selfish, but i don't
want to sacrifice something that i have always wanted to
make someone else happy. if anyone ever asks me to do that
i think i would probably have a huge breakdown.

i really like my world history class. i love to learn
about things that happened in the past. i also love to be
able to read things that make me seem more intellegent. i
don't know why. i enjoy being able to have discussions
with people about what one person wrote in some book about
some event that happened, or was just pure imagination.

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