Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-08-09 22:44:50 (UTC)

Pessimist Vs Optimist

Okay, this didn't turn out how I was thinking...but I still
like the basic idea...of the two voices.....I should make
another later that has more...

Pessimist Vs Optimist

I don't want to be here
Everything is going to be okay

Okay is feeling horrible
Just put on a happy face

Look at all the corruption in this sickening world, which
seems will never change
See the beauty of all the simple things in life that
surround you,
and potential is there

Don't touch the rose, the thorns will only poke you & cause
you pain
Admire the delicate flower from afar -
sit down and watch the rain

I don't want to go...please....no.....
They can finally figure out this thing

Feel the ache in my throat - give it up, the tears are
inevitably going to flow
Find joy in this day and crack a smile

I hate those stupid gowns
Never again will they see you

I can't take it; I need to hide
They've seen worse, they're used to it. You need to.

Please no bright lights, give me darkness
They will only help you, breath and open your eyes

They will only try to help me, and fail to do so as everyone
else thus far
This time it could be different, make sure the hope resides

He'll never be there
It just takes time

Shut up, stupid, stupid...
Stop it, It'll be alright

I'm forever a wallflower, left without a partner to dance
Things will change, I'm young in life yet, there's time
and chance

It is my own fault
I am only human

I deserve nothing. Nothing, I tell you
No body does, there comes in love & grace

I can't take this; I'm telling you I can't take this...
I am still alive. Make it, I shall.


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