my life
2005-08-09 15:25:37 (UTC)

things that add up to piss me off

Well it has been a long time since my last time I wrote,
reason for that is...well crap I am not to sure. I guess
just that alot has gone on since then.
I am not with the same person anymore. I am with
another person now....we have been together for almost 10
months....the 10th of this month will be 10 months. As
every relationship...we have our ups and downs. For while
I really did'nt think that we were gonna make it...that
was a few motnhs ago. Things get so stressful and we both
deal with things differently...sometimes I know I take it
out on her and I really don't mean to. Then sometimes she
does things (in which I know she does not mean to) that
sets me off, the thing is that it is just everything
adding up and then one little thing puts the icing on the
cake. Sometimes it can be her...sometimes it can be
something else. Infact, right now we have a
roomate.....dont get me wrong he is a really good guy and
all. Its just that he thinks its our job to clean up after
him basically, if he uses a dish he thinks we should clean
it up cause he does not. He hardly ever
seeps....mops....shoot I have never seen him dust. Okay
yeah the house is his....BUT we pay just as much of the
bills as he does so that's not a factor. I just dont get
it sometimes....I try to let it go but I cant most of the
time....I mean shoot....when dishes pile up because I wont
do them you would figure someone would get the freaking
hint....but no! (of course not) At one point I was going
to work, coming home cleaning up and cooking
dinner....washing clothes, at first it was really nice and
I liked doing it...but then I realized no one was thanking
me....or anything....so I was like F*** it....I dont need
to do this if I can't get a simple thanks. So that added
up, my job has not been giving me the hours that I
need...shoot no hours...so thats hard.
Any how I must be going but I will write more
soon...just hope it wont be as long as last time.