Hollow Years
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2005-08-09 11:01:07 (UTC)

I remember waiting for you to call Remember waiting there to find nothing at all

[Maybe someday you'll really get to know me]

I'm trying not to think much at the moment Thinking just
makes everything seem worse than it is.Makes me think of
my future and if i will ever find what i want in life...

Yesterday was really fun :) went for a picnic and played
hide and seek and man hunt and cards and stuff :) felt
really young and careless. I liked feeling like that.

Holiday in like 4 days :):) i so can't wait...Hopefully it
will be really fun. Bought two books yesterday for my
holiday but ive nearly finished one already tee hee lol.
I've not been staying on the internet late lately i find
its better if i just lie in bed and try to sleep to get
rid of the lonely feeling i get waiting by the computer

[I swear i'd treat you like a queen]

Yeah so really there is nothing majorly wrong in my life
nothing to make me feel crap i just feel it anyway. I
suppose something is kind of getting to me but i dont want
to think about. The more i think about it the more it
bothers me. I just have to realise it's one of them things
in life that will never go right as simple as it should be.
I will always want it to be different but you don't always
get what you want..and that i will live with.

[Cry on my shoulder you're a friend]

B.S.D is back tonight so Katie says..I wonder if i will
get to see him before i go away. Hmm i hope i do Maybe go
for a walk at night or something.

I hope Carl gets with Heather (can't spell) :):)

Well anyway as i said nothing is happening so this is all
a bunch of nothing Bye

Song: James Blunt - Cry
Mood: Don't feel much