The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-08-09 07:05:03 (UTC)

Crying Never Solved Anything!

Dear Diary

I"m back and of course, crying. Joey and I are having major
difficulties. God I love him so much and don't want it to
end but, I know it inevitable. I'm sitting crying and can't
stop. What am I gonna be like when we actually break up/ Oh
dear God! I don't know if I can take it. Truly. I really do
love him! I don't want to lose him and just the thought
makes me burst into tears and feel sick. What am I supposed
to do? How am I supposed to cope with this? I gave him
everything, my heart, my soul, and my virginity. That's
everything I am. Now it's all falling apart and I can't
stop it. I dont' know what makes me think we were gonna be
any different from every other High School romance but, I
had hopes. True hopes. Now they're fading. I just want to
except it. I don't want to except the fact that he may not
love me anymore. That rips my heart out and tears it to
shreds. I can't write about that anymore. I'm gonna have a
panic attack.


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