Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2005-08-09 04:21:20 (UTC)


Ok my computers being an ass now so I don't know if this
will even work because it likes to close this window on
me. So I'll try to make this fast.

So one thing before I begin about today. Sunday. Me and
Katie went to the mall as I mentioned. And we went in
Sortcheck to look at shorts and sports bras. Jaren was
working. And Katie was like "Oooh look who it is!" and I'd
noticed him before. But I just turned away. And didn't
really care. So I think I just might be over him...haha
until school's back in or snowboarding season starts.
We'll just have to wait and see.

So now about today. Well I got to sleep till 1. Which was
really exciting and refreshing and wow did I ever need
that. So I got up and read some Harry Potter (which I'd
actually read until 1 in the morning too. haha I just
can't put it down without finishing the chapter I'm
on...and then you just have to keep on going, haha!) and
ate and lazed around then I finally got in the shower and
made myself spaghetti and caesar salad for lunch/supper.
Then my dad drove me to work. I was working at the front
entrace with Taslim and Kaarina and Tara was supervising.
And work went well. No big mishaps or anything interesting
until the end. Like 15-10 minutes before we were closing I
was putting baskets back by the front entrace and I saw my
dad come walking up so I waited for him to come in and
then he told me that we were going camping from Aug 14-20
so I should try to book that off. And like that's not even
a full weeks notice so I dunno if I'll actually get it
off. After work I went and filled out a sheet and handed
it in right away so we'll see. And then I gave him money
to buy me licorice. Because I really had a craving for
some every time somebody came up and bought some. haha.
I'm just that cool. So he did. Only I was a penny short
but that didn't matter because earlier a man didn't want
his 80 cents change back. So I was up 80 cents anyways.
And besides. I'm sure that at some point in my career
there I'll give a bit extra. So its not like it was that
big of a deal. And then Chelsea came in with her friend
Brandy and some guy. They like walked around in a circle
and just left again without buying anything and I was
like "What was the point of that?" And yes. She completely
ignored me. And my dad said that she ingnored him too when
he talked to her. And whatever. I really don't care
anymore. Our 'on and off' friendship is so annoying. I
just give up. Whatever. And then in the truck my dad was
like "What does she hate you again?" I love how he's like
again. And how true. haha. It pretty much made me laugh.
And I was like yep. And my dad was like "oh who even
cares. Just fuck her." And like wow. Couldn't have said it
better myself. Like really. Everybody's just sick of it.
So I agree. Anyways. haha Doug and one of his friends
toiletpapered Kaarina's car! lol we were all looking out
the doors before work was over and it was so funny. It was
like completely covered in toiletpaper! So hilarious. Doug
is totally my hero. Apparently he did it because one time
Kaarina and one of her friends put lip chap all over his
truck or something. I'm not really sure. But wow. So much
toiletpaper. And I was so disappointed. When I got out of
work Kelsey and Kaarina had already gotten all the
toiletpaper off! haha When Annette and Jacqui
tolietpapered Alex's car he just drove around with it on.
But no they took it off. haha Yeah Doug!! Good times man.

That's pretty much it for today. I lead a totally
thrilling life- I know. haha. Hmmm...tomorrow I might go
shopping before work. I need atleast 2 more pairs of black
pants for work. Because I only have my capris. And I need
some shoes too. And something to wear to Andrew and
Kathleen's wedding in September. But me and Katie and
Kayla are going to Londonderry on Wednesday too so yeah.
Anyways I'm out for the night.

Goodnight everybody!