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2005-08-09 04:18:23 (UTC)

OO it's been forever

Forever it has been. I mean so much has happened since the
last time..I really can't even write about it. I mean, I
stopped writing in this diary because i just wasn't feeling
it. I didn't need it. I basically aint been doin nothin all
summer but working, eatin , sleepin, and dreamin. I got me a
car now though. Thats a plus, the biggest obstacle i ever
had to obtaining a little fun is now gone. So i have no
excuses. But yet, I still get really bored. There wouldnt be
much to talk about though if i did write about me life in
here. Its just an ongoing saga of me bouncing back and forth
between the wanna be good guy who is madly in...l.....i'm
not gonna say it ....with ..u know who....and the lil
typical sex hungry male. I just really dont know where I am
right now. I'm sorta happy, but i'm sorta not. Im just kinda
lonely right now. Then i had it pointed out that i dont
really have any friends. Well male friends that is. That i
spend to much time worrying about stuff and pushing ppl
away. So all it does is make me think about it and the fact
that i really am just a loner who doesnt do anything. I
never been to a club. I dont go to parties. I cant dance
around a girl im interested in. I just , I dunno. ME and
memphis and fun, just never get in the same room. I wanna
change it. I just dont know where to start.

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