Just a small bird wanting to fly

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2005-08-08 20:25:29 (UTC)

Fighting the urge not to send this to him

I woke up becoz I dreamt about death of my loved uncle...
Looking in dictionary meaning... that I am lacking the
quality of which my uncle currently have.. he is caring...
Eitherway... Suddenly I think about you... Death could
take you away at anytime... Will I ever regret not telling
you that I forgave u ?

I just want to let u know.. whatever u do in life.. I
sincerely wish you the best ... I am sorry that I hurt you
in anyway you think I have hurt you .. coz I never meant to
intentionally hurt you ....

Yes.. I cant deny I was hurting at first.. when you
treating me like I never existed in your life when you
found her ....but If you are happier with her... I should
be happy for you..

That's what matter to me in the beginning..., right ?
Now I never got confused anymore ...I did loved you during
our relationship.. coz I always sincerely wanted you to be
happy instead of thinking of my own happiness ...

Anyway, I chosed to be happy again instead of holding
grudge ..
I chosed to smile again instead of staying sad ....

I am giving my blessing for both of you ...
Take a very good care of your health ...

I know you are not going to reply my email as usual ..
So ... I chosed to pray for you from far away
instead ....and sending you my blessing quietly ...

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