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2005-08-08 19:21:23 (UTC)


Two of the nicest, happiest girls you could ever hope to
meet - talented, as well, at least athletically - and one
of the most heart-wrenching, terrible funerals I have ever
been to. I don't profess to be much more than an
acquaintance to them, but their deaths absolutely shook me,
for years. In fact, still do.




Jury still out in Ranger retrial
Entering fifth day of deliberations in teen sisters' slaying
Defence argues Ranger cannot be placed at murder scene


While others enjoyed this weekend's weather, 12 jurors were
hard at work trying to reach a verdict in the retrial of
Rohan Ranger on charges of first-degree murder and
manslaughter in the 1995 slayings of his former girlfriend
Marsha Ottey, 19, and her 16-year-old sister Tamara.

The teenagers were found stabbed to death in the basement
of their mother's Scarborough home on Aug. 16, 1995, two
days before Marsha was supposed to leave for Arkansas State
University, where she had won a full track and field

Marsha had been stabbed 19 times in the chest, and her
throat was slashed so deeply she was nearly decapitated.
Tami, an avid athlete and church-goer like her sister, was
also stabbed in the chest and her throat was slashed.

The trial had gone on for more than three months by the
time the jurors entered the jury room Thursday about 11
a.m., after hearing closing addresses from defence lawyer
Phil Campbell and prosecutor Jamie Chaffe — and receiving
almost three days of instructions from Superior Court
Justice Edward Then.

They will be sequestered until they reach a verdict.

The jurors learned during the trial that Ranger, 29, had
been convicted of first-degree murder in connection with
Marsha's death and manslaughter for killing Tami, at an
earlier trial in 1998, and that he had been kept behind
bars even after winning a new trial from the Ontario Court
of Appeal.

The appeal court ruled in 2003 that a new trial was
necessary because the trial judge had allowed the jury to
hear criminal profiling evidence that was "unscientific,"
and because the judge had made serious errors in his charge
to the jury.

Within a couple of hours of beginning their deliberations
the jurors sent a note to Then with two questions. They
asked if they had to find that Ranger was in the basement
of the Ottey residence in order to find him guilty of first-
degree murder, second-degree murder or manslaughter.

The jury also wanted to know if they had to find that
Ranger was in the Ottey home in order to find him guilty of
first- or second-degree murder for helping his cousin,
Adrian Kinkead, commit the crimes.

Kinkead, 29, was convicted separately of first-degree
murder in the slayings of both girls and is serving a life

After discussing the questions with the defence and Crown
lawyers, Then called the jury back and told them the answer
to both questions was "yes."

The jury later asked for a transcript of the evidence given
by two of the eyewitnesses who testified for the Crown.

The jury's questions and request for the transcript
signalled that the jurors recognized that identification is
at the heart of the case.

Prosecutor Chaffe said the Crown's eyewitnesses had
established that both Ranger and Kinkead were in the
vicinity of the Ottey residence around the time the crimes
were committed.

Chaffe argued that Ranger used Kinkead to kill Marsha, and
that the two had to kill Tami as well because she had to be

Campbell argued, however, that Kinkead was the sole killer
and that the eyewitnesses had failed to place Ranger at the

The jury is expected to resume deliberations this morning.

From The Toronto Star

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