The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-08-08 18:44:30 (UTC)

I missed you!

Dear Diary

Wow! Well, it has been forever! Wow! Our calbe was cut off
and that included internet. It really sucked. We had no TV
or net. I like almost cried when I found out about the net.
Oh geeze.

OK, let me start on what has happened. I think I mentioned
I was getting a job or already working. Well, I hated it!
It totaly and utterly SUCKED! Last Saturday, I quit!
Woohoo! I"m free! Thank Goodness. So, my job is over
including my paychecks. Wah! Ah well.

Um, we've had som major family disagreements as usual.
Can't think of one specific one but, there's been some
doozies. Some major major doozies!

Gotta go. Write back later or tomorrow.


P.S. Ok, so I hear through the grapevine that my "friends"
are discussing me AGAIN! God I love this. I haven't talked
to hardly anyone and i"m still the topic of discussion. I'm
so tired of TSB and basicly all it occupants. Then
peopleare mad cause I HAVEN"T called and becuase I'm being
friends with someone who I wasn't friends with. I don't get
it. I can't do a damn thing right. Never could. Guess I
never will. I was in a good mood but, not anymore. Shit!

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