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2005-08-08 15:10:10 (UTC)

i hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was being recommended by Mr. Villaraso and Miss
Satiembre to represent college of Nursing in STAR SEARCH,
in the first place, they didnt do some kind of a selection
or any audition for all nursing students so they could
select. But they pick me up! I just said YES because so
manny times when maam Satiembre starts to be the head of
the so called music industry in NURSING, she always
telling me to join her,and I was suppose to be one of the
gues in MR. and MISS nursing to render a song, but i
didnt because i am sick and tired of something else.
Everytime she saw me, she keeps on telling me adn then it
came to a HERE... at first, i told them i have to read the
whole thing first before doing this but Sir Villarazo keep
pushing the paper and ballpen for me to sign my signature
to be the official representative in my college.

Secondly, i appreciate there effort most epecially to
those people who heartily help. I'm just hoping it was.
But now, i was here all by my self and i have no one
here,i feel like crying whenever we have rehearsals for
the search bcz there college really support them all
through the way....

Evryday, i go to my class with no assignment, lack of
requirements, the quizes, all of those--i lost it!!! its
all because of this. I mean its okey but there have there
gots to tell me things they didnt know..this id not
easy..mao ra!

i dont feel i have people behind my back,when there
are so manny..

I dont feel better, i wish i get really really sick so i
couldnt join the search this week...i wanna cry because i
hate hate hate hate

tommorow, the college of pharmacy have so manny plans for
there contestant, and tommorow there DEAN will take an
action, but me??? i have nothing!!