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2005-08-08 04:18:31 (UTC)


Today soccer was good. We lost. More info about that in
the Provincial enrty. Hmm so after soccer...

I phoned up Katie and we went to the mall like we had
planned to last night. Haha last night me and Katie went
to 7eleven and I got Nerds because I'm like addicted to
them now, and then she came over and we were playing Mario
Party because we're so cool. And then we were talking to
Nicole Hanson and her boyfriend Danny on the phone. And
then we played some more GameCube and then she went home.
So anyways... we went to the mall because she wanted to
get some more underwear and another one of the really
comfy bras she'd bought afew days ago. And so we didn't
find anything. La Senza honestly has like no small or x-
small in ANYTHING. Which is sad because we're not very big
people. haha. So anyways. Then we walked back and stopped
at Mac's and we both bought Nerds and she got a slurpee
too. And then we stopped at the 'baby park' (what me,
Mich, Danielle and Becky used to call it...and it is too!)
and just sat on the bench there eating our Nerds and
talking. And then I went home and my mom told me to have a
shower- so I did. And then I got dressed for going to my
grandparents' for dinner and church. It was my grandpa's
birthday so they invited all the family for dinner. Me,
mom, Danielle, Kyle, Jacqui and her boyfriend Chris I
think it was, were there. Oh and Tucker. haha. Yeah I
don't think I ever mentioned it but Michelle and my dad
were in Lethbridge for Michelle's team's provincials. They
were going for gold this afternoon so I'm not sure how
they finished. I think they got gold...

Anyways so my grandparent's was good. We sat around and
talked and Jacqui's new boyfriend seems very nice. And
he's so polite and cute. haha. And then after dinner my
mom drove me to Olivet for church. And so I missed cake
but whatever. And I got to the church and nobody was there
and I was like "omg. There'd better be church this
week...unlike last week!" and I was so scared. And then
Jenn rode up on her bike and we phoned Scott on my mom's
cell phone just as he was pulling up in the parking lot.
haha it was so funny. So yes. Only 7 of us went to church
tonight. Scott, Jenn, Steve, Bran, Grey, Kris and me. I
was very glad that Jenn came because well...actually
tonight I was definately the youngest one because Jenn's
17. But still. It was nice to have somebody around my own
age there. I wonder why Grant didn't come... anyways.

I love the music there. It's just so amazing and so good.
I dunno it always gets me thinking. And today it made me
sad for some reason. I dunno. I just felt like bursting
out into tears. It's hard to explain. I dunno.

So today's sermon was on Mercy. And it was C.S. Wiersma's
second last sermon before he's off to Toronto to build a
new church. It made me think. He told us that 95.8% of
people in the world don't have everything they need for
life. And like WOW that's alot of people! And just to
think- I'm one of the 4.2% (lol I hope I did my math
right. Wow how pathetic am I?) in the WHOLE world who has
more than enough or even just enough. Like that's such a
small percentage when you think about how many people are
out there.
And then he was talking about how everyday over 1000
people in Africa get AIDS. And then he was talking about
how when the whole 9/11 thing happened and the big Tsunami
and how when something disastrous happens really quickly
everybody comes together and helps out. But when its slow
and drawn out people are in denials or they don't know
about it or believe its happening so not as many people
are helping. Like the Holocaust. So many people didn't
know about it and it was so insane and seemed so
unbelievable that such a thing was happening that people
didn't believe the stories. And so hardly anybody helped.
And then he was talking about Schindler's list and how
Schindler saved so many people, but he was still in so
much agony because he could have saved so many more that
he didn't realize the significance of the people he DID
manage to save. And then he was saying that there aren't
very many people like that and willing to risk their lives
for other people just like that. And so that got everybody
thinking about how they can improve on themselves and
become a better Christian and person.
And now back to the AIDS issue. He said that every 13
days, the number of people that were killed in that huge
Tsunami DIE ---EVERY 13 DAYS--- from AIDS in Africa. Like
wow that is alot of people. AND THAT'S ONLY FROM ONE
ISSUE. How crazy is that?

And there's so much we can do. I wanna go to Africa some
year to help out in an orphanage or something. To help out
the AIDS victims, survivors or people that it affects or
ANYTHING. That would be so cool and life changing and wow
so powerful. I should talk to Jodi or Scott or somebody
about this. And maybe some year we can get down to Africa
to change afew people's lives. That would be so incredibly
cool and wow.

Also me and Jenn were in Steve's car and we were talking
about sponsoring children so they could have food and
clothing and education and etc. And Steve does. And Jenn
said that YC she was inspired to and she really wanted to
but she couldn't. Because well she just got a job and how
horrible would it be to have to quit and tell that child
that you can't do that anymore? That would be so hard to
do. So I knew what she meant because I wanted to do
something like that too. And I knew I wouldn't have enough
money to keep it up. $30 a month isn't even that much and
I could do it NOW that I have a job, but when you're a
student and you're not working full-time and who knows
when you might have to quit your job and what-not it's
pretty hard to make a commitment like that. So I think me
and Jenn and whoever else. Jacqui, Annette, Kailey. I
dunno. But 6 of us could get together and sponser a child.
Then it would only be $5 a month and that would be
possible and easier and we'd still be helping somebody
out. So when Annette gets back from Innisfail/BBR and
Jacqui gets back from California I'm going to talk to them
about that. Because that would for sure be cool.

So that's kinda alot of thinking and plans and stuff. Who
know's how it'll turn out in the end. Maybe I'll never
actually end up going to Africa. I dunno so many thoughts.

But I should get going now . I'm so sore from soccer and I
still have to update the Prov. entry. And I'm SO sunburnt
because I wore no sunscreen and well yeah. lol. And very
very sore and stiff and quite tired. And I'll have to tell
you all about the wicked cool punch bug I saw someother
time. So peace out!

Love forever and always and NOW,
Nicole Ashley

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