Hollow Years
2005-08-07 21:52:43 (UTC)

You had a bad day..You sing a sad song just to turn it around

I love this song..

Yeah my life is rubbish nothing is happening and yeah..I
wonder why does nothing ever go good why does nothing that
would make me happy ever happen to me i really dont
understand what im meant to do anymore how to act around
people how to keep myself wanting to be here whats living
my life and what isnt i know i sound stupid but its just
how i feel..

Today i went to this thing at wigan park was good actually
then i went to the cinema tonight watching skeleton key it
was really really good and wierd :) but yeah i mean it was
good being with my friends it's always good i love them so
much but i cant actually find myself being happy.

Anyway yesterday i went to this random band thing and it
was really good aswell..

I came back and simon had left a msg on my thing
saying..Thanks to you Lisa has fell in love with someone
at inme..thanks
Oh i just cant be bothered with him anymore so i sent him
an email saying ive had enough of him blaming me for
nothing so yeah meh.

I've read alot really alot lately i love it its the best
thing in my life and im not making it up lol. the other
day i only got to sleep at 8am and then woke up at 10 am
its getting really bad i cant sleep anymore :( i had about
5 hours last night and just woke up and starred :( i dont
know what to do my mind wont like stop and just sleep.

I'm going on holiday soon that should be fun my mum bought
me this kool first aid kit lol :):P

I want to pack i enjoy packing lol

Im going for a picnic tomorrow oooooo random lol

Hmm i feel like in here is the only time i can be unhappy
because if i do it in real life i bring people down and i
really dont want to do that.

Well im off..

Song: Daniel Powter - Bad day
Mood: Just normal