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2005-08-07 19:26:20 (UTC)

Life is rough

Yes life is rough. Its rough having to pay for your own
damn car insuance just out of nowhere, its rough living
with a mom who is PSYCHO, its rough having your dream job
but not getting paid enough, and it's rough living
throughout your life without hardly ever getting to see
your dad let alone talk to him. But the thing that is the
least rough of all is having Sean as my boyfriend. Without
him, life would be HELL. I would be so miserable and so
unbelievably depressed, i don't even think i would be able
to handle it. sure, life is pretty carzy as it is, but i
would never even dream about living through it without
Sean by my side. I regret saying all those things about
him. He's not perfect. No one is. I love every bit about
him. Even the not so good things about him. He is my hero.
Without him, i would be a mess. I'd never leave my house,
let alone my room, i'd never be happy, i wouldn't have a
life, i'd be like retarded or something, lol, i dunno. All
i know is, i need Sean by my side to survive this nasty
world. So how dare i talk shit about him is this journal.
I mean, he's SEAN! He's perfect just the way he is, and i
mean EVERY word.

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