Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-08-07 18:41:22 (UTC)

Roped From Pain

I tied myself to the bed last night.
Not in a kinky sex fashion ... In a fearful, mock way of
keeping myself from ... Destiny. Heh.
I had to cut through the ropes this morning.
Why has this gotten so bad? ... Why...

Kade is being thrown out of the house by his sister.
Yesterday she gave him a day's notice. *Sigh*

I haven't heard from Kevin in a long time.
Danny said he has a girlfreind now.

You would guess I'd be ... Jealous? No ... Not at all.
Infact I am surprised at my own emotions.
If you had have asked me a month ago, how I would feel
about this ... I'd say I'd be irrate .. if not sickly
green with jealousy.

But no ... It's not as if she stole his freindship away
from me. Since I never seem to talk to him anymore ...
No ... She's giving him another chance.
A new life he never had.
Love you Kevin!

Aw well, at least I'm escaping this petty hell hole I
dwell in day by day.
I'm going shopping with my birthday money. Heh. This
should be fun.
I plan to spend most of it on "jewelry" ... God I hate
calling it that.
Gloves, wrist bands, fish nets, spandex, chains, bangles,
collars ... not "jewelry".

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