2005-08-07 16:33:42 (UTC)


This week I begin the process of dealing with Dad's estate.

I could not find the original of my father's will although
there were a number of copies. He had seen an attorney last
March to add a codicil to his will but that attorney didn't
have the original. He contacted my Dad's first attorney,
who has retired but he claimed he'd never written my Dad's
will as he couldn't find his file. The new attorney, Tom,
said that if he could locate one of the witnesses he could
have her sign a notarized affidavit stating that she'd
signed the will. That's what he did. Last week the court
accepted the will and I was named the personal representative

My week will be intensely emotional as we scatter Dad's
ashes on Tuesday and very busy as I begin the process of
opening up estate accounts, paying bills, meeting with an
accountant and continuing to inventory the contents of the
house. I must also deal with my sister who is emotional,
sometimes to the point of being out of control and
unreasonable. I will try to be patient with her. She is
having an extremely hard time dealing with Dad's death as
she was both emotionally and financially dependent
upon him.

And life goes on..... The church had their annual ice cream
social last Saturday. We didn't attend but I provided two
pies and a pan of brownies. From all reports it was quite
successful. Two weeks from now is Vacation Bible School and
I will be quite involved in that as well.

I haven't been quilting much in the past few weeks but I did
begin work on a collage book on love. You can see photos of
the few pages I've done on my webshots page.

I finished 50 preemie hats for Sacred Heart hospital and
received a lovely thank you note from the nurse who manages
their NICU. Photos of the hats and of the note are also on
my webshots page.

I saw that I never listed the books I read in June and July
so I've added two more entries with those.