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2005-08-07 15:20:02 (UTC)

The Last Month

My life is slowly going back to something close to normal.

The weather has been unusually warm for the past several
weeks. That and grieving has drained much of my energy.

Shortly after Dad's death, I sent a note to the hospital
staff thanking them for the care they gave my Dad and
received a note back from a thoughtful and kind nurse. I
received many hugs and bouquets of flowers from friends and
numerous cards with personal notes. I am so fortunate to
have so many loving and warm friends. One invited me to a
small birthday party she was having at the end of July and I
accepted. I was grateful for the few hours of respite it
gave me.

I wrote an obituary for the newspaper in the city Dad
lived in but they required a form be filled out and wanted a
recent photo. I wrote a second one for our local weekly
newspaper which included more personal details as they let
me write it as I wished. I included a photo of him as a
young man. Copies of both will be put aside for my sons.

My parents' wedding anniversary would have been August 9th
and that's the day we will scatter Dad's ashes in the woods,
in the same place where my mother's, my brother's and my
daughter's ashes are scattered.

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