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2005-08-07 06:56:02 (UTC)

Sex Tips Vol. 2 (testing flavored gels)

Testing flavored gels...
Some people prefer not to taste artificial flavorings on
their partner, so feel each other out beforehand to see if
it is something you're both interested in.

There are so many different flavored gels, oils, and
lotions that's it's overwhelming to try to choose by sight

I found a site on ivillage.com, in the love and sex section
(of course) that described a game where one person puts a
few drops of honey on their body and the other person has
to find out where they put it using only their mouth with
their eyes closed (or blindfolded).

That got me to thinkin'... If it's that much fun with
honey, how much more fun might it be with a few drops of
flavored gels applied to various places on the body. You
can have your partner not only find those places but name
the flavor. :)

Most adult shops have bins or bowls with little sample
sizes in them, perfect for trying out several different
flavored gels and lubricants.

Oh by the way, that www.ivillage.com, sex tips and
tecniques site has a lot of other awesome ideas and links
to yet other sites with even more useful tips, including
how to apply a condom with your mouth! *wink wink*

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