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2005-08-07 04:00:49 (UTC)

Tier 3 Provincials

Ok so the provs are in Millwoods. Whoot. Too bad it wasn't
a road trip. lol J'aime road trips!! But then again I have
like no friends on this team so it might not have been
very fun. But who knows... Anyways. The stats.

Saturday August 5

9:00am vs. Camrose- We lost 4-3 or something like that.
They actually turned out to be really really good. Like
way better than when we played them on Tuesday night. It
was a really good game. We were down 3-0 in the first half
then we made an amazing comeback. And it was blazing hot
out. I honestly thought I was gonna drown in my own sweat.
No actually not. haha but it was seriously crazy hot.

3:30pm vs. Sherbrooke- Won 2-0. They weren't that good.
Just kinda pushy. Although it was a pretty good game. And
I had a breakaway and I was taking on 4 players and nobody
from my team was offering support or anything so they did
finally get it away from me and I was sorta disappointed
because I'd kept it away from them for so long. But
whatever. I was pleased with myself for holding up.
Anyways and I got sandwitched in the second half. And
taken out infront of my own net which was silly. But
whatever. We won and the 1st goal was by Tahn and it was a
nice shot. And the 2nd goal was just hilarious. Jen got
mad and just booted the ball from pretty much the center
line because the girl from the other team fighting her for
the ball pissed her off some how, so anyways Jen just
booted it and it sailed up really high and just barely
missed the crossbar and swooshed into the net. We were all
so suprised. Especially her. It was so amazing. And funny.

Anyways I'll write more about my day later. Nicole did end
up calling me. But I'm going to have a shower now and then
read some Harry Potter and try to fall asleep before like
1am. haha I can never seem to get to bed early. Sheesh.
Anyways...tomorrow at 10:30. I'm quite sad that we aren't
in it for a medal anymore. But that would be the 8:30
game. Sheesh.

Sunday August 6

10:30 vs. Battle River- Lost 2-1. They scored our only
goal. lol How crazy is that? haha. It wasn't too bad of a
game. My blister got worse. Silly bandaids. Oh well. I
played pretty good. So did my team. It wasn't a horrible
game. Erin, the goalie, got hurt though (her hand when she
tried to save a goal got jammed back or something) and so
Robin had to go in net. The team did good. And it was a
pretty good game to end the season with I suppose.

Over-all Sherwood Park United U18 Girls came in 6th out of
12 teams in the Outdoor Season Provincials.


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