Christy's Chronicles
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2005-08-07 03:25:38 (UTC)

"Waiting for love"

Wow dude! Where the fuck have I been? "Where the hell
am I?" So much to say, such little time. I work way too
much. My last bass lesson was in June. I hope to pick
them back up the first of September. I am flipping out.
I miss jamming four hours. I miss writting lyrics and
music. I miss my dreams. My bass was the most important
thing in the worl to me. My bass was my ticket. Hopefully
when my bass lessons pick up I will have time and practice
to join a band. Bands come and go even when you put your
heart and soul into it. Nothing lasts forever, but I am
hopeful that my dreams will come true.
Where are all the nice guys. I don't ask for much,
just simple kindness. Relationships aren't rocket
science. What happend to love and kindness? second
thoughts anyone?

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