Inside Look Of a 14 Year Olds Life
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2005-08-07 02:57:55 (UTC)

Aug 6, 2005

Im Like Seriously bored. . .So thats why Im writing in
this thing. .Eddie might be gettin to stay the day with me
tomorrow! I Hope so. It would be great! We did it at
school on a stair case. . .Uhm yeah i know a stair case
but no ever uses it. . .didnt think he would do something
like that. . but he did! We did it from behind this
time. . .And let me say its not as Easy on you as it is
missionary. . .He wants to do Doggie style sometime lol. .
But yeah. . enough with the Sex life! lol . .School starts
back Thursday. wow. summer just ran away with me. .I Cant
believe it. Im gunna be a Freshman at Somerset High School
in Less that One Week! ! ! Its so Not cool. But I'll write
more some other time. . .Eddie's supposed to be calling me
here soon. . .Its 5 Months and 3 Days today! Bye!. . Amie3

I Love you Eddie! 33

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