Autum's Leaves
2005-08-06 21:20:37 (UTC)

What Are You Waiting For?

"She said what are you waiting for? Kiss her, kiss her. I
said my clocks early cause you know, I'm always late."

Been meaning to write for awhile, seems like I never
have time, or never really feel like it. LIke now, haha.
I'm SO sick. It's awful, I ran a fever all night, then had
a little one this morning. Did the whole very cold, very
hot thing...puked this morning, have new flea bites, can't
even begin to breath out of my nose and it's ridiculously
hard to do anything. I'm so tired and so weak and so sore
*sigh* But, I've been sleeping all day and I feel like I
at least need to do a little bit of something.

The other night, *thinks* Wednesday night, the innocent
badass tells me her car was broken into, they stole
everything except the car since they fucked up the
steering column. They took my Fall Out Boys cd and I was
not a happy camper about that. So, myself the redhead and
the innocent badass decide to chill for the night, we show
up at one of the bars near the college and see some pretty
cool people, the godfather, frogman, sketchy guy, and a
shit ton more. Of course, the sketchy guy and *thinks*
Peak start hitting on me, as well as everyone else. We all
end up going back to one of their houses and partying the
rest of the night. We were all drunk as shit, well not me,
since I'm a sober drunk and I only had like...three beers.
But, regardless, Peak kisses all three of us at least
once, the sketchy guy kisses me (ew) and then the night
gets crazy. The redhead makes out with Peak, then the
godfather, then goes to bed with the sketchy guy. AH! How
bad is that? lol. I end up having to take care of
everyone, mostly the redhead, who can't hold liqour to
save her life. She sleeps with the guy, has a panic attack
about that, then falls down the stairs into the basement.
*shakes head* The whole time after that I end up just
talking with the guys, laughing at their stories and Peak
is trying to get up with me. In the end, it happened. lol,
not my proudest moment, especially since he SUCKED at
everything. Not even kidding. I figure if a guy is small,
they should know how to do something else really well,
like fingering. I know I can't give hand jobs, ever. I
suck at them, so I know how to give head really well. This
guy was small, and was miserable at everything he tried.
Egh, plus he had lots of hair down there, I ended up
having to be like, just...don't touch me, just let me do
my thing. lol. Honestly, it was awful, but he did have a
tongue ring and I'd never made out with anyone with a
tongue ring so at least now I have. But, he was awful at
kissing too. "He fucks like he pitches...sorta...all over
the place." -Bull Durham.

*sigh* Alas, I must go back to sleep, or something.
I'm quite exerted.