whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-08-06 19:02:16 (UTC)

cAncer n HGTV

well well well.i got a chance 2 use a comp afta all.found
out a cupple of daiz ago that my grandmotha has breast
cancer.not the best nu'z n the world but hey.i feel like im
on HGTV cuz my dad,his gf and i hav 2 accomplish painting n
decorating 3 whole rooms n about 1 1/2 daiz.think we can
pull it off?nahhhhhhh.not evn.not wit MY dad.realli lokin
forward 2 FL.cant wait 2 c the culdnt come about 2 bash my damn hed into a cement wall
stayin wit mi padre this damn realli readi 2 jus
lose it 4 real 4real.ppl keep im-n me that i dont kno sayin
my sn showed up on a pop up wit a bunch of false info about
me.no1 wants 2 hear that there r lies floatin around the
internet about them and its accessible 2 n-e and evry1.not im still a bit heated about that.ive got lotz a
work 2 do here at my dads house n all 4 nun realli if u
think about it.cuz im neva comin bac here again.n b4 u kno
it ill b movin outta his efforts r worthless since
im not gonna come back.but he duznt kno that.its so freakin
hot here.i cant wait 2 leve.i kno FL is hotta but ill hav
all dai access 2 a pool evry min evry dai.hooray!also my
best male frend told me he loves me.not wat u wanna hear
from ur b.f due 2 the fact that hes ur best frend!!!!!it
ruins the whole relationship not 2 mention the fact that he
continuousli axes me out.i c him as a b.f and nun else.i
wish it wuz a 2 way street nstead of him bein in love wit
mebut me not lovin him bac.atleast not like dat.yo im out.i
get the feelin sum1 else is gonna im me that i dont
kno,claimin they got my sn from a damn pop up.not cool @ i changed my sn.~2~
)*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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