About a Girl
2005-08-06 06:17:50 (UTC)

put your wallet away

so today hillary and i went to the mall..we saw mike
there..then adam jang came..we went to the forest behind
kirkstone and they drank..then we went back to the mall to
meet tiami..then carmel came to the mall..o and this other
guy wuz there too but i forget his name..i saw tara, jac,
and agatha working at the mall..then tiami, hillary, and
carmel walked me home so i could give carmel a burned copy
of Jagged Little Pill..then i i have money for
seylynn..i feel like a New Jersey kid..hanging around the least i think NJ kids are the ones that hang
around malls..

nickelback have a new single called Photograph!! and their
album is out on my half-bday (oct 4)!! itz called All the
Right Reasons..i can't wait!!!!

brandon flowers (the killers) got married..he's hott..i
wish he wuz mine..hehe..