Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
2005-08-05 19:13:09 (UTC)


Perhaps I have been a little distant ... and self absorbed
recently? Hmm, I have my reasons though.

They are too ... graphic to post. Kade knows what I
mean ... and there are ALWAYS prying eyes of those you
don't want to see details.

I'll write a JE perhaps. Yes.

About being ... used. *Sigh*

I feel horrible again, now.

How could I .... Forget it. Its over, mais oui? No harm
done ... I guess.

Ha, I'm rambling on like an insane person. Even though I
am one.

Its so hard to keep this all bottled ... Up deep inside.
I push it away, as not to let other's think I am as weak
as I am. But it's eating away at me. Who to tell? Kade.

He is the only one I can confide in now ... -.- I hate
bringing him down with me ... but he is the absolute only
person I can turn to -.- *Sigh* ...