The Nine Faces of Dave
2005-08-05 05:03:34 (UTC)

an invasion of drama

A couple entries back I mentioned a girl who I'd asked out,
unsuccessfully of course. She was seeing somebody at the
time. Well, since then she's split up with that somebody.

I bet you were expecting good news here, weren't you?

No such luck. Instead, she proceeds to turn around and get
together with my roommate for the remaining time that we're
all working here. Ouch. So after this is made abundantly
clear, and while I was trying to figure out where my fucking
wrenches went (more later), she starts this big discussion
with me about what's going on and how I feel about it.

Now what am I supposed to say in this situation? She asks
me if I'm jealous. Well fuck yes, it's only human to be so,
and I'm not Mr. Spock. But she said that it wasn't going to
be a long-term thing with them, since she didn't want to get
into some sort of long-distance relationship. Fair enough.
I'm still a little jealous, but not too much more than I'd
be just on general principle, i.e. because of my relative
lack of female companionship.

The only solace I take in this unfortunate mess is that none
of it was my fault, and since it's not a long-term matter,
my roommate isn't getting what I was really hoping for, and
likely I wouldn't have even without this interference. It's
still kind of annoying, especially with them hanging out in
our apartment so much. But oh well.

Now the really fucked-up thing here is that my roommate just
split up with his girlfriend of one year, which leads me to
ask two questions:
1) How is it that with my relative inexperience and general
lack of involvement in dating, this sort of thing happens to
me, and
2) haven't these people ever heard of downtime?
Maybe my view is baseless, but I think if I'd just come off
a long-term jag with someone else I wouldn't be too eager to
get into another straight away, even for two weeks. Maybe
I'm just more independent-minded.

But, fuck it. My general view right now is that they're a
couple of clowns who can't handle their own lives without an
emotional safety net. That sounds hostile, and maybe it is
just a little, but I don't really have anything against them
as people. I'm really just annoyed that their damn personal
problems put me in the middle of the kind of drama that I'd
always hoped to avoid, and which I saw as the advantage of
my perpetual singlehood.

I guess some people just have to inject bullshit into the
lives of those around them.