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2005-08-04 21:20:50 (UTC)

Sex Tips Vol. 1 (speaking from experience)

Bonnie Raitt, Love Me Like A Man

Oh you sing it girl! Aint that the damn truth! Sometimes a
woman really- REALLY- needs a man who can sweep her off her
feet and love her like a MAN.

World walkin all over us, men who make us old, and a wild
animal just dyin' to come to the surface... fightin for
what makes a woman feel like a woman.

Then comes along a man that fits just right into that space
where something's missing (without crowding your life). The
temptation is there, the opportunity is there, and it's
been so long, what do you do?

Well DUH, you give in of course and enjoy every minute of
it. Who knows how long it might be until you can do it
again, right?

If you do decide to give in to temptation, the experience
will be the most euphoric of your life or the most awkward.

You don't want to ravage someone and then find out that
they thought you that made you boyfriend and girlfriend so
talk about what you're wanting beforehand.

That sounds harder than it is. You can make talking
about "wanting to build a life with someone" or "not
wanting a serious romantic relationship" sexy, too. It's
all in the presentation.

Ladies, this is very important... Invest in lingerie,
especiall the first few times. Men are visual creatures.
There are so many different styles of lingerie that any
woman can feel comfortable AND sexy, no matter what her
figure is.

Also, some men hate the taste of lipstick, and aren't fond
of wearing your smudged lipstick transfer. If your man
doesn't care for the taste of your favorite lipstick, or
lipstick stains, I highly recommend those stay-put
lipsticks. I know it's expensive compared to the usual
stuff, and it might dry your lips out, but you will find
it's worth it. Nothing scares a man more than seein' red
lipstick on his penis. (sorry guys)

Gentleman, please please please! When you know you have a
woman coming over, take the time to set the mood. Clean
your room. We don't really want to smell your dirty laundry
or see overflowing trash cans. Put fresh sheets on the bed.
Nothing makes a woman happier than to see a fresh folding
crease in the sheets she is about to lay naked on.

Don't forget the right mood music. Whatever your mutual
preference is, make sure it doesn't have commercials or
skip around. You don't want to lose your stride when the
hot song you were gettin into becomes a blaring auto
commercial or starts to studder in it's player. Notice I
said mutual preference? If your partner hates your favorite
music, find a compromise you both like before you subject
them to your preference.

And your lights.... guys, come on. Let's face it, most men
do not have flattering light in their rooms. You will find
a woman feels much less inhibited if you use candles.
Candle light is flattering to all women, and men too. Just
don't go settin' the house on fire, use common safety.

And odds are that yes, you do need to shave again (men and
women). Kinda hard to enjoy a friction burn, afterall.

Just a little tip... make sure you both have something to
drink near by. You're gonna get thirsty eventually and no
one wants to excuse themselves to get a drink in the middle
of making love.

Ladies, if your man likes to go down on you, you can
surprise him by wearing a pleasantly flavored gel should he
find the taste of your natural self less exciting than the
taste of, oh, strawberries. Some men prefer not to taste
artificial flavorings, so feel him out beforehand to see if
it is something he would like.

Same thing goes for you guys, too. You want a woman to go
down on you, try making it more palatable. This can be
great fun if you use your imagination (see Vol. 2).

Now, after you've both had a great roll in the hay you're
prolly gonna wonder what to do next. How do you make a
graceful exit? Well whatever you do don't shake hands for
petes sake, and don't turn your back on the other person or
look at your watch. You can use one of my lines if you have
to until you get your own.

I make getting dressed a slow and sexy process, like a
strip tease in reverse. You would be surprised how turned
on some men get when they see a women slowly sliding her
thigh highs back up to her garter. You want to end the
evening as spectacularly as you started it don't you?

Walk over to him and press yourself against him, run your
finger down his chest and say something like "If I didn't
have to go I would ravage you like a wild animal" and
nibble his ear or neck. Leave him with that thought.

You know what they say, always leave 'em wantin' more.
So true, so true.


Have some useful tips of your own you would like to share?
I'll post any useful tips you send me, once I have your
permission. I can quote or leave them annonymous, so don't
be shy!

Here are a few tips a gentleman submitted:

Be honest about what you want, about what you like..or
don't like.

It's easy to tell if a guy is aroused, it's not always easy
to know if you're hitting that spot just right for a


When I want to let my lover know that he is "hitting that
spot just right" I will say something sexy like "Oh yeah
baby, right there..." or if you're not comfortable, or
unable to talk at that moment, you can moan loudly or gasp
and squeeze whatever part of his body is in your hands
(careful where you squeeze and how hard you squeeze!).

Same thing goes for you, guys! Women have the same problem
trying to please a man. Starting with the head (on his
shoulders): Some guys love having their ear lobes nibbles,
some can't stand it. Some guys want a woman to stick her
tongue in his ear, some would cringe to imagine it. Some
guys are hoping to have their nipples licked, some don't
like it at all. Some guys find it incredibly hot when a
woman runs her nails down his back, some guys don't want to
feel like a scratching post. And we haven't even reached
the hips, yet!

If you're really shy or inhibited about talking so openly
with your partner about what specifically turns you on, you
can make use of email or instant messages. Sometimes it is
easier to be honest in writing than it is face to face,
talking to someone. It feels more secure somehow, and lets
you think longer and reflect before you speak.

I feel inhibited sometimes so I started using dirty email
letters to reveal what turns me on, how much it turns me
on, and so on. I've made it something he can enjoy reading
while learning what to try next time.

It's also a more comfortable way to become less inhibited
about using dirty language/ sex talk. *Almost* anyone can
type the words easier than they can speak them aloud.

Sex talk... It doesn't always come natural, for men or
women. Sometimes, it takes courage and practice, especially
for bilingual couples. It feels awkward enough saying it in
English, let alone in another language.

Some men forget that just as much as they enjoy hearing how
much they're pleasing us, we also like to hear how we're
pleasing them. A lot of men think making noise is uncool.
But I'm tellin' ya fellas, you never know the beast you
could unleash until you try it!

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