Hollow Years
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2005-08-03 23:32:30 (UTC)

I always wait to hear you say there's a last kiss

Went to the trafford centre (centre linzi!!!!!!!) tonight
didnt get anything :( wah wah. kind of wish i had gone to
denises now :( oh well lol was fun either way.

Today i went to emmas and celebrated linzi's fake birthday
then went out for a bit was okay.

Tomorrow i am going to Manchester to try and find pants oo
and im getting my hair done in the morning :) hope she
does it how i want it! she never does when i tell her lol.

Simon is talking to me again.

I think i might go to bed early tonight and read me can't
be bothered with MSN. its annoying me im just gettin
people to download me Hellogoodbye songs lol.

Well anyway nothing is happening in my boring life so im

Song: Motion city soundtrack - Hold me down
Mood: Okay me supposes

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