Hollow Years
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2005-08-03 00:53:55 (UTC)

Please tell me that your alright That everything is alright

Okay so it's linzi's fake birthday urmm now lol. i can not
sleep one bit :( i feel like crying which would be good
because then i could cry myself to sleep but i cant even
cry. arghh im so aggitated i just want to sleep...

Tomorrow i dont know what where doing ive made her a card
and made her a song and a cd :)

Thursday i am going to manchester with Anna :) but before
that i am getting my hair done :) whuppie no more wierd
coulored streaks.

I am sooo glad anna is back i missed her well bad :( but
shes back now so its all good 3 weeks its well a long

Nealry mine and emmas holiday :) i am really looking
foward to just getting away especially with my best friend.
Sugar rush has ended!!! sorry just remebered lol :( wah

I love Motion City Soundtrack at the moment i think i am
going watching them :D:D yey

Simon isnt talking to me still im starting to think its
for the best hmm maybe maybe not ive give up
caring..something inside me really wants my life back

My dad is all upsetting me and stuff and i have been in a
mood these past few days about it i dont want to talk
about it if anyone asks i just want you to know im okay..

Well im off on my twoddles of not sleeping!

I love the song: Trapt - Still frame

Song: The corrs - Summer Sunshine
Mood: Annoyed

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