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2005-08-02 12:41:48 (UTC)

Smoking and Anxiety - Dan1 Responds

from: danl1 date: 6/24/2005 6:07:42 PM delete?

Subject: RE: Hello:)
I wouldn't be so quick to your self diagnosis, because
there is a logical problem with it:

Cigarettes (and nicotine) aren't the slightest bit helpful
for anxiety, and can't change or provide a hiding place
from any emotion in the slightest. If it did that in the
slightest, it would be the most prescribed substance on the

Essentially, it has the same effect on us as a pacifier or
a teddy bear does to a child, which is to say none at all.
If you hid, you did the hiding - and don't be certain that
it wasn't the best, healthiest way of dealing with any
given situation. If you felt anxiety eased, it was your own
relaxation and calmness that did it - as a stimulant,
nicotine only could exacerbate the situation.

But you are still believing that smoking had that power, as
evidenced by the statements that it helped you to cope and
to hide. And now, you find yourself without what you feel
is that way of coping, and that is a stressful, anxious
thing to face.

All too often, we confuse the effects of this stress of
misbegotten faith and the stress of the quitting process
with 'how we are' as non-smokers. Don't fall into that
trap. Time alone will allow you to see that you don't need
them in any way, that you all along have had and used) the
power. The sooner you can find a way to mold this reality
into your belief system, the sooner you will find yourself
back on your same old emotional plane. You can change your
emotional setting as you see fit, but don't fall into the
trap that it's necessary because of any chemical presence
or absense. It simply isn't.

By the by, have you read much at ? It's challenging stuff, but makes
some points that take serious work to refute honestly.