Autum's Leaves
2005-08-02 06:55:28 (UTC)

Too Long

Yeah, it’s been too long since I’ve written
anything, too long since I’ve had a whole day off.

My house has had fleas for the past ever, they’ve
eaten me alive and my ankles and feet are almost
completely disfigured, it’s awful. I’ll have scars, but I
keep putting Neosporin on them hoping they won’t be so
bad. I got some new nails, so that helps my attractiveness
factor. Of course, now that I’m back on my shot, my
weights impossible to keep down. I keep not eating a whole
lot during the day, running my ass off at work, and coming
home and cramming a whole pizza down my throat. Blugh.

Got completely drunk the other night, lol, on a
different topic. My friend, the innocent badass, and I got
completely wasted at her house. I was late for work the
next day, Sunday, but that was okay. I’ve worked six days
straight and it’s been ridiculously difficult to keep
going. I never get enough sleep, and now that I have
tomorrow off my mom is taking me thrift store shopping
tomorrow morning. *sigh* I’m ready to not do anything for
awhile, but it’ll have to wait.

I got to see my dorm room today, and that was
nice. It’s like…a hotel room, it’s very cool. We get our
own shower and that’s really really nice. My roomie and I
aren’t going to get along that well, lol, but she’ll keep
me out of a lot of trouble. The innocent badass wants to
be my roomie for awhile, so I may get her to stay with me
for awhile, like, the first couple of days before move in
when my roomie won’t be there. Lol, we’re gonna have a big
move in party, AND I realized that my birthday is on a
Saturday, which means that we’re having a wicked/hella big
party regardless of what my roomie says. I’m gonna invite
SO many people. Haha, I’m excited already. Yay, 19!

Still sleeping with the boarder, but I haven’t
seen him in a while, he’s been out of town. Met a fabulous
Aussie that is staying here for a year, study abroad
thing. He’s staying in one of the local colleges here,
about two hours away. He wants to meet me and stay at a
hotel, split the room for a night or so, which I would
find fabulous. Oh, and he’s so pretty. *nods* Very pretty
*sighs* And he surfs…I have a thing for surfers. I think
it’s their arms…*creams*

Been in one of those moods, sorry.

friggin macho-spasmodically excited. I get to see Fall Out
Boy…and that may just make my life. Lol. I’m just…so, ugh,
I can’t wait. Not only that but My Chemical Romance, Drop
Kick Murphies, Reliant K and the Offspring are gonna be
playing. *le sigh* Oh, I’m a happy camper.

Anyways, it’s been too long since I’ve written,
and this entry is far too long. *huffs cutely* Some days
are tough to get through, but I still love being able to
get through them. *smiles*