Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-08-02 05:04:55 (UTC)

Bacardi 151+Malibu Rum+Pineapple Juice=


yea, i'm listenin too him now.

Shaggy 2 Dope[]'Suck My Nuts, Bitch! FUCKYOU!"
[Another good song]

okay now it's MC Chris
now Nappy Roots "Aww NAwww!!"
i can't sleep. Tired but not. hate that i can only do
things at day. nighttime is when i'm awake naturally.


what i need is some job where i drive around Highway 99
all night delivery stuff and i get too play any of my
music and have short stops of rest off at the QFC for
coffee and probably pick up a case of Red Stripe lauger
for when i make it home

i'm so bored i wish i was drunk...:|
merrychristmas! -STUPIDE!-

always remember.... "sneppah tihs"
=play that backwards for secret info=

aight, sis wants on. she's got a new addiction. Myspace.com

(i like My-Diary alot better) okay, peace out nobody since
nobody reads this. LATAS!!!

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